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  • What is ePost?
  • It is an internet based postal service that allows you to send letters to people using their physical or P.O. Box address, as opposed to their email addresses.
  • How does it work?
  • You create a letter from the ePost website and indicate the full physical or postal address of the recipient and press 'SEND MESSAGE'. A physical letter will be automatically printed, machine sealed and dropped into the post bag at the speed of email. The mail is then delivered to it's final destination using the Express Mail Service (EMS).
  • How much does ePost cost?
  • Sent mail is divided into 3 categories:
    Local Post Box Delivery (Postal Address), Local Physical Delivery and out of Town Delivery (Postal and Physical Address). Click Here for current rates. Recipients do not pay anything.
  • Getting Started?
  • To send ePost mail you can buy ePost coupons, called session-credits, from any one of Zampost's post offices. With these coupons you will be able to log onto the ePost site and send 1 letter worth the value of the coupon. To go to the Session-Credit login, Click Here, then supply your coupon password on the left.

    Alternatively you can setup a personal ePost account, where you will be able to maintain a balance of ePost credit to send as many letters as your balance will allow. To create your own ePost account, Click Here. Your account will be opened and ready for use when credit is bought, from any of the Zampost offices. To log on to your ePost account, Click Here then supply your username and password on the left.

  • Where can I make Payments from?
  • You can credit your ePost account by making payment at any of the major post offices. You may also make payment at a registered ePost vendor Other modes of payment are being devised and will be made available as they come into effect.